About Me

Since I was a little girl I had my nose inside books. I always wanted to study medicine, but in the end, I studied another degree in healthcare, Human Nutrition and Dietetics. To which I added a master’s degree in Clinical and Communitarian Nutrition.


Sometime later, I realised I wanted to provide health information based on scientific evidence to people like you. That’s why I started writing about health and nutrition on blogs, newsletters, the digital newspaper Actualidad Valdepeñas, and on social media.”


In 2020 I finished a master’s degree in Science Journalism and Communication. Thanks to my university, I participated in a Citizens Dialogue at the Climate Conference COP-25 in Madrid.


I completed my internship with the science communication association  BigVanCiencia and published an original article in the Spanish Journal of Health Communication.



With BigVan Ciencia I took part in a project funded by Bayer Cuestión de Ciencia 2.0. With them, I studied courses on scientific stand-up and science communication on YouTube, which led to the creation of my YouTube channel, La Caja de Net.


Nowadays, I live in Ireland and design content for this website and my social media. I am a member of the science communication association Scenio and work as a freelance Science Writer. I keep studying Science Communication to offer you accurate, up-to-date and based on scientific evidence information.

Bring science closer to you in an easy way through audiovisual content and text, as well as promote critical thinking and scepticism. 
Improve the relationship between society and science, especially in health. Provide tools to people so they can dodge pseudosciences, scams and myths. Show people how science is reflected in their daily lives and help them understand it.
Provide with verified, rigorous and up-to-date information.
Display scientific content clearly and understandably.
Focus the content according to society’s needs at a given moment.
Maintain a respectful and close attitude with contributors and audience.