Do I need to take vitamins?

We are in May. Some of you may be dealing with allergies. Maybe some of us just need to go on vacation because we have been working since Christmas, taking care of our kids being sick in winter and spring, many of you are facing the exam season…   All of that makes us feel … Read more

The Heart: What do you know about it?

What’s the heart? The heart is an organ made up of muscle tissue. It is part of the cardiovascular system and its job is to pump blood with oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body.   Inside, it is divided into 4 parts, two above and two below. The two upper cavities are … Read more

Blood. What does it have? Why donating blood is so important?

On the 14th of June is the World Blood Donor Day.    But, as always, let’s start from the beginning.   What is the blood and why it is important?  Our body is made up of cells. All kinds of cells. When we have many similar cells that have a specific function, we form a … Read more

Energies in the sky affect your life, but not as you’ve been told.

Some time ago I was listening to a podcast featuring an astrologer. And to discuss this topic, astrology, without turning it into a thesis on a bunch of things… I’m going to talk about a couple of points mentioned in the podcast.   But let’s start at the beginning. What is astrology? According to the … Read more

Kidneys. You can’t live without them

We all know that the kidneys serve to produce urine. But, do they do more? Today, I want to talk to you about this organ because it’s very important. The area of study of the kidney is called nephrology because the kidney is made of nephrons.   What are the kidneys and how do they … Read more

Meningitis. What should we know?

To understand what meningitis is, first, we must know the meninges.   What are the meninges? They are membranes that surround and protect the central nervous system, which are, the brain and the spinal cord.    **Watch out: Skull bones don’t only contain the brain, but also the cerebellum and the brainstem. These 3 parts … Read more

Does fatphobia exist?

Many activists fighting fatphobia on the Internet claim that obesity is not a disease. They say that obesity is a risk factor.   Obesity is indeed a risk factor for developing many diseases and health problems (high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, 13 types of cancer, etc., etc., etc.).   But, is it … Read more

Metabolism: The keys of what happens inside our body.

Now that the good weather is getting closer some of you might be thinking of starting a diet, and advertisements of weight loss supplements are all over the place. So, one of the words you may hear more often during the following months is  “metabolism”. But, what does metabolism really mean?   Metabolism is everything … Read more

Gluten and Coeliac Disease

Let me tell you about a few things about coeliac disease. Let’s start from the beginning.   What is gluten? It is a complex protein that is found naturally in grain and flour from wheat, rye, barley and these cereals varieties. It is made of two proteins linked together, gliadin and glutenin. To help you … Read more

Pseudotherapies. What are those? Are they dangerous?

Today I am going to talk about what made me want to be a science communicator, pseudotherapies.   Pseudotherapies or pseudoscientific therapies are things we have to do or take, that are supposed to be good for our health but haven’t proven to work.   They don’t have scientific evidence, that is, they are not … Read more